Personal Statement On Probation For Playing Basketball Essay

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I earned my first D in a course and a note stating that if I did not fix the grade I would be on probation for playing basketball. I thought my world had ended, while not playing basketball was hard to think of, the idea of going home and saying I had failed or even quit something was beyond anything I wanted to do. I talked with the teacher and agreed to take the class over and I shared with my roommates that I needed to get serious about college. Our room was so small and my roommates’ shared that they were doing “ok” and wanted to continue experiencing the “college excitement” of entertaining friends. So I discovered some private space in the basement where I could go for the quiet study and focus time I needed while they entertained and then from 11:00 until 7:00 our room was used for sleeping. I changed my work study job to doing laundry for the athletic program thus providing extra study time while the laundry was running and picking up an extra job as a janitor for the ceramics department also allowing time for study while the clay was mixing. This arrangement worked fine and my grades quickly got back on course. Both girls decided that school was not for them and were not planning on coming back the next year, so again searching for the most economical rate I could obtain my name was deposited in a pool and drawn out to live with 3 different girls in a suite for the next year. At the beginning of the year we set down some guidelines to establish cleaning,

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