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I started my career in an unorthodox way: delivering science and technology news directly to live audiences from a stage. I was an early member of the experimental Current Science & Technology Center at Boston's Museum of Science, an effort to bring cutting edge science to adult members of the public through extended interactions with science journalists in an informal education setting. I was fortunate enough to work alongside a graduate of the Columbia University School of Journalism, a former producer for NOVA, the current executive director of the National Association of Science Writers, and other highly skilled science communicators. I considered these people my journalism professors, and worked with them to develop the skills…show more content…
I planned the episodes, booked guests, and served as host, producer, and editor of the show, interviewing researchers, explorers, and inventors from a wide variety of disciplines. A year after launching the show, it was awarded the American Association of Museum's 2007 Gold Muse Award, the top honor granted for teaching and outreach by one of the largest museum associations in the world. In all, I conducted roughly 150 interviews for podcasts or video during my time at the museum, and dozens more during live presentations. While I was at the Museum of Science, I started Boston Behind the Scenes, my own independent podcast profiling ordinary and extraordinary people around the Boston area. This is a human- interest interview show that introduces the audience to local people, from street vendors to newspaper editors. Through work on that podcast, I became involved in an iPod-based documentary tour project. This allowed me the financial freedom to begin working full-time as a freelance new media journalist and producer. The two most prominent positions I have assumed recently are as host, producer, and editor of new media programs for the education division of Nature and for the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. The first, for Nature, is a biweekly video series called Simply
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