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When I first started training to be a nurse, my most compelling reason for peruse in the career was to care for the sick. Now that I am approaching the end of my three years of training my rationale has changed, I now want to empower patients in regards to their own health, supporting families in need, care for the ‘sick’ child and make a difference amongst as many people as I can. I have worked with a myriad of nurses (senior and junior alike) whilst training, many of whom have inspired me and I aspire to be like them if not better. They have given me a willingness to reach out to others. I have been told numerous of times that I work well within a team and I have the ability to recognise if a college requires help or support.…show more content…
I have always adhered to the NMC (Nursing Midwifery Council) and will continue to do so. Respecting confidentially, dignity, autonomy at all times. My time as a student nurse has not been plain sailing with a number of personal issues arising which affected my learning. My mother died, my daughter was born premature needing heart surgery and I moved home. All of these things were life changing events which caused me a lot of stress but I still kept my desire to stay on and complete my course, if anything the loss of my mother has increased my desire to care for and help those that require it. I believe my desire and motivation say a lot about my strength of character. I am truly motivated and very hard working completing all tasks to the best of my ability but I am also open to criticism and change. I am aware of areas of improvement and development such as independent decision making, delegation and fluid documentation and will conscientiously work on these. I am a mother of five and this may be my biggest asset to date. I have been able to utilise a lot of the skills needed as a mother to enhance my relationship and ability to communicate with the families. I have the ability to empathise with and build relationships with struggling families, alleviate fears in the anxious parent, and talk to the non-compliant teenager all of which requires me to gain their trust. I often think
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