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Personal Statement Questions Prompt: What have you done to make your school or your community a better place ? What I have done to make my school a better place is a difficult question to answer, for i’m not really sure what I have done to make it a better place. Somethings I believe I have done for my school to make it a better place is always being respectful to my school grounds, never doing anything that I would regret doing. I try to help out fellow students that need my help if possible. I like to encourage students younger than me to succeed because they have a school to represent and they need to know how to make it a better place. Junior year I joined link crew because I wanted to show that I could be a person to give good advice and a trustworthy person that some fellow students can rely on. My school is a place that I want to make a better because it’s my school and I have to make sure that it’s being represented in the right way. Another thing I have done to make my school better is joining sports. The sports I joined were cross country, track, and soccer. Doing sports is a big way to make your school a better place and to represent it, One way doing sports can make your school a better place is that it can give younger classmen an urge to want to try sports if it catches their attention. Also at school I do my best to persuade other students to try sports so that they can see and feel how it is to be in a sport, because to me it’s one of the best
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