Personal Statement : ' Snoop '

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According to Sam Gosling, Ph.D. you can learn a lot about an individual’s personality by observing the items they have collected and where these items are located in said individual’s bedroom. For this project, I decided to “snoop” in my friend Faith’s bedroom. Faith shares a room with her younger sister Olivia. I have been inside her room before on many occasions, but I never took the time to really look at the items that were in there. Before I could pick the items I found interesting or relevant, I had to distinguish whose items they could be. The location of the items is important, not only in the room, but also the specific position they are found in with respect to the focal point, faith’s bed. I thought this was fairly easy, due to …show more content…

The location of the paintings being directly above the headboard of the bed signifies that these are indeed for any visitors’ eyes to see. Faith would need to sit backwards on her bed to see them. Based on my previous knowledge that both Faith and her sisters were in dance, I made the assumption that she is athletic, focused and patient. From my limited knowledge about ballet, it is an extremely difficult form of dance that requires a person to be in really good shape, have excellent balance and restraint. This could have also revealed more of an artistic and cultured personality. By just owning these two paintings, Faith could be demonstrating her appreciation and knowledge for things like art and dance. Assuming that I didn’t know she had previously danced, I could’ve speculated that she has an appreciation for beauty. When I asked her about where she got them and why, she told me that she had no clue. She thinks that they were in a random closet in her house and she didn’t want to throw them away; plus she was looking for things to hang up on her walls in her room. I then asked her if it reminded her of how she and her sisters used to dance. Her response was: I guess it does, but I really didn’t think about it before. So, from her response I can gather that these two paintings were really behavioral residue. We proceeded to discuss the types of dance she did as a child: ballet, toe, jazz, and how she

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