Personal Statement : The Profession Of Student Affairs And Counseling

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Describe your educational, work, and volunteer experiences, including the interpersonal relations, interests, and special skills and knowledge you possess that you believe are necessary to enter and practice the profession of student affairs/counseling.

When I am not scavenging for ingredients that will help me perfectly recreate a dish from a recipe I encountered online, I am most likely surrounding myself with people and engaging in productive, yet personable conversations. There is something so exciting and intrinsically motivating about interacting with others that, naturally, I am immediately drawn to positions that enable me to do just that. And I have had the greatest privilege to be able to work in these settings that give me so …show more content…

Educationally, my technical background in statistics will enable me to look at data analytically and creatively in education research. All students have their own academic and personal challenges and can hold many complex and intersectional identities. With my statistical knowledge, I will be able to collect more disaggregated forms of data in an effort to avoid confusing the needs of one particular group with those of another.
Not only was I a mentor to others in every campus position, but I was also the mentee being mentored by professionals. And from this, I know firsthand how transformative these interactions with student affairs professionals can be for students like me. I was empowered and positively impacted by my co-curricular college experience, and I strongly believe that any student who wants this opportunity should deserve it.
Professional Goals and Expectations
Describe your career goals, expectations, and aspirations and how the SDHE program will assist you in realizing them.

My journey at UCSB has empowered me to become a more self-aware leader, and while there are countless endeavors that I would like to achieve as a student affairs professional, I primarily seek to create environments where every student feels safe, accepted, and inspired to perform at their best. Pursuing a degree from California State University in Long

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