Personal Statement : The Self Fulfilling Prophecy

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I have a neighbor that I am friendly with but we do not know each other well. Our interactions are generally limited to pleasantries. I have nothing against the guy and we get along, but every time I say hi, he will ask how I am doing. When I say, “Good, how are you?” His response is always, “I’m ok.” with a shrug. He’s a good guy, but it bugs me that he never responds positively. I don’t expect him to always be happy, but I feel there’s usually no need to drop anything negative or indifferent in these exchanges. If there is something bugging you that you’d like to get off your chest, then by all means go for it, but if we are both going on our way, I’d prefer to stay positive. Just say, “I’m doing fine, thanks.” I believe in …show more content…

Unless it is very late in the game, I much prefer the later style of play. It is not only more exciting to watch but I think it gives a team the best chance to win. To see what can go wrong with the overly conservative approach, just look at any of the NFL teams who have blown a second half lead of two scores or more because they failed to put points on the board once they were up big. Last weekend, the Seahawks took a seventeen point lead halfway through the third quarter. From that moment on they did not advance the ball past their own 30 yard line. A conservative game plan of runs and short passes resulted in a punt on every subsequent possession and a loss in overtime. If they played to score, not just to waste time, they likely would have put up more points in the fourth quarter and be sitting on a winning record. As it is, they let one slip away and have more loses than wins through their first five games. Seattle started slow last year and came on strong late, so I wouldn’t count them out. But they aren’t doing much early on to inspire confidence in their chances of returning to the Super Bowl. Most coaches call a cautious game with the lead because they likely fear the onslaught of criticism that will come if they make a mistake and lose the game. Belichick is one of the few who does not, but job security is not an issue for him so that makes sense. I have respect for coaches who are

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