Personal Statement : The Ultimate Gift

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In the movie, The Ultimate gift, the main character is name Jason and he have to go thru series a gift. So he can collect his inherence from his grandfather .But unlike the movie I don’t have a pot of gold waiting for me at end of the movie. But a lot of the gift in the movie a lot of the gift he had to find plays a big part in my life today. In this essay I’m going to explain how the three gift Family, dreams, problem and friends have played hug part in my life like it did in the ,movie to help Jason passed all his test and change him as a person.
First is the girt of problem without this gift we will not learn as a person I was affected by this gift of problem early in my life but its help shape me to the person I am. I used to love playing sports I was so good at sports that’s I was offer a scholarship to some of the highest college in the nations. My senior year in high I had offers from, Central Michigan University, Sothern Methodist University and Ball State University just name the few. But I got four major concussion and three minor concussion in one year. So just like the Jason I was faced with very serious problem staring at me do I keep on playing sports and risks my health of my life to get a chance to might make it pro. Or do I just give up on sports and try to find another options because I was putting my life in too big of a risk. I pick to give up on sports and to start from nothing to see what I’m really made me and to see what else I had instore for me.

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