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Areas of interest: Interested in practicing in an underserved area As a clinical Data Specialist at UT Southwestern, I work with multiple charity clinics that serve many of the high need areas of Dallas. Medical Research. As a clinical Data specialist at UT Southwestern, I participate in the research of stem cells and their possible effects on major depressive disorder. Primary Care I work as a clinical coordinator for the Vital Sign 6 project that brings measurement based care of major depressive disorder to the primary care setting. This project aims to increase major depression disorder remission rates at the primary care level. Have you experienced any academic road bumps in your academic career (low academic performance, dropping, …show more content…

One course was across campus and I could not get from that class to my next class on time. The class that was more critical for my degree held priority so I dropped the less important one. What do you like or dislike most about the area you are from; your hometown (500 words or less)? Crawford is a small town with few people, but those people are what makes my hometown so wonderful. Many adolescents today do not hold the same values and work ethics as the generations before them did. They seem to have a sense of entitlement and lack the desire to work hard for the things that are important to them. But in Crawford, we have maintained these old values and I love that about my hometown. I understand the need to broaden my social circle in order to grow and challenge my identity, but there is something so profound about returning to the place you truly call home. I feel at easet there and don't have to censor myself or be politically correct and that’s when I feel most like myself. It is not that I am an offensive person or someone that has difficulty getting along with others, quite the opposite in fact. But at home, I can be myself without fear of judgment or repercussion because my family and community accept me for who I am without reserve. This sense of belonging has provided me with a strong fallback point in my life. Should I ever need it, I know I can always head back to Crawford to

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