Personal Values And Beliefs And Values

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Personal values and beliefs My personal beliefs and values are on par with the present health care policy in the United States (U.S.). I value and believe in compassion, empathy and respect. People have the right to access basic medical care when they are sick. So, there should be universal healthcare for the people at a cost that is affordable to them. The health care charge must be on the basis of income with a cap. The people who are under the poverty line should receive health care at free of cost. As the income level increases, there should be a reasonable increase in the cost. I have learned and believe in trying to save all lives, using the necessary resources. All lives are valuable to me. Nursing, being the care of people sick or well in all settings values the concepts of promotion of health, prevention of illness, caring the ill, disabled and the dying. Hence, the nurses believe in advocacy, promotion of a safe environment, research and health policy-making (International Council of Nurses [ICN], 2015). Beliefs and Opinions about the Health Care Policy The Affordable Care Act (ACA) helps provide the health care at an affordable price to everyone based on their income. Those who are in a certain range of income under the poverty line are eligible to have access to free health care. ACA has enabled more than 100 million Americans to have insurance and it helps reduce the rate of uninsured (Obamacare Facts, n.d.). Thereby, health promotion is possible through
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