Personal and Professional Development Essay

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Task 1 2 1. Abstract 2 2. Why Personal and Professional Development Plan is Important 2 3. Career Selection 3 4. Short term and Long term plan 4 6. My Self-Evaluation 7 7. Continuous Profession Development Plan (CPD) 9 8. My Idol that I Choose 10 Task 2 11 1. Self-Assessment 11 2. My Gap-Analysis 12 3. Action Plan 12 Task 3 13 1. Personal Development Plan (PPD) 13 2. Job Search Techniques 14 3. My Cover Letter 14 4. My CV 17 Task 4 19 1. Conclusion and Summery 19 2. Strategic Development Plan for Next 2 to 3 Year 19 Bibliography 21

Personal and Professional Development

Task 1

1. Abstract
Personal and professional development is the most important concept for the long
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Organization success completely depends on the employee performance and human resource manager play an important to enhance those performances. One of the important roles of HR manager is to develop the organizational structure on which organization run successfully. HR manager is one of the integral parts for organization to achieve the long term goals.
There are several reasons why I choose HR manager as my career and they are described below: * Each of the organization has employee and to manage the employee organization need a department named as HR department. All over the world each of the organization has its own HR department, so there is ample of job opportunities around the globe. This will ensure me a secure job for a smooth transition in my career. * HR management role is very challenging job and I am very much passionate about to take very challenging job role. * HR manager has to retain and recruit the talented people. This is very interesting job role in an organization to achieve its long term goal. HR manager plays a significant role for organizational profitability. * HR manager develop the plan of Human Resource. They conduct the interview, give advice for skill development and manage employee relations. All tasks are very interesting and I like interesting job very much. * HR manager play a significant role for development of organizational policy that is one of the integral part for organization to run very smooth
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