Personality Theories And The Theories

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Abstract The purpose of this paper is to explore personality theories and the impact and effect they have on people throughout their life. People have many different personalities and come from many different cultures, but fundamentally we have some of the same basic needs. So, what are people influenced by? Is it social experiences, developmental problems, or needs and anxiety that that spiral into neurosis? Personality theories vary and the complexity of the information can be difficult to understand such as genetic dispositions, environmental forces, unconscious thoughts, and motivations. Personality shapes who and what we are to some extent and theories on personality help us to understand one another. Whether it is problem solving, …show more content…

Six topics that will be discussed are Nature versus Nurture, the Unconscious, View of Self, Development, Motivation, and Maturation along with a Biblical integration. The personality theories are important for understanding, development, and maturing of humans and the choices and behavior of those people. Foundations of Personality Nature versus Nurture Nature versus Nurture has been debated for centuries and will probably be debated for many more. Nature versus Nurture refers to factors that influence a person’s behavior. Nature refers to the hereditary and what comes from our genetic makeup. Nurture refers to environmental varying factors such as childhood experiences and culture. In the study by Bleidorn, et al. (2010) Nature versus Nature is carried out by personality traits and life goals, the genetic and environmental sources (p. 366). Within this study life goals were used because of the correlation between personality traits and what people want to become in life. These goals tend to change as personality changes due to alterations in social environment. By creating a univariate and multivariate biometric model study of adults, Bleidorn, et al. (2010) found that life goals were more vulnerable than personality traits to influences of environmental factors (p. 375). In David Lancy’s (2010) article he deals with nature verses nurture in the cognitive development, parent-child interaction, and social behavior of children. Lancy (2010) contends that

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