Personality Theory Of Personality Development

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Many personality theorists offered different explanations for human behaviors as well as established specific stages of personality development. However, person centered theory does not have a theory of personality structure, rather believes that it is essential to follow certain principles in order to develop the self-concept. Rogers’s theory of personality is based on the notion that all individuals have the innate ability to reach actualizing tendency and establish a self-concept, which is congruent with his whole experience (Warner, 2009). Rogers defined the actualizing tendency as the inborn motivating force of the self, which move towards fulfilling and enhancing ones true potential. The actualizing tendency applies to all living organism, however, in human this tendency is referred as self-actualization. According to Rogers (1980) actualizing tendency can be suppressed, though, it can never be destroyed, without destroying the organism itself. This phenomenon is the motivating force in the theory, which includes all motivations such as need, drive, or anxiety reduction. It also encompasses, growth motivations for instance, the desire to be more creative and seeking of pleasurable tensions. It is Rogers’ belief that all organisms including, humans strive to become his/her full potential even under difficult circumstances. However, when individuals are lacking empathy and unconditional positive regard in their society and in interpersonal relationship, then…
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