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HRPD702 – Contemporary Organizational Behaviour S. Shiewitz
– Individual Assessment of Personality Dimensions

Due Date: as noted on eCentennial website


The purpose of this assignment is to have you explore dimensional facets of, the composite hypothetical construct, “personality.” You will do this by studying, self-administering, and then interpreting and reporting on the results of, several “personality tests.”
Each test assesses, typically, just a singular dimension [facet] of this multi-dimensional construct [though some, like the Big 5 and MBTI, measure multiple dimensions on the one test].
To interpret the result[s] properly you will need to investigate / study / research to understand each of the dimensions on each …show more content…

PLEASE REMEMBER – when taking personality tests, or any psychological tests, you typically need to respond based on your PREFERRED way of being, not necessarily how situations in the past have required / compelled you to be.

ALSO - people are rarely a “pure” form or completely one way or the other – most are an amalgam – so when responding to any question on any personality / psychological test, go with your first instinct as to what the best response is for you.

Please note:

Each student’s submission must be unique. You should not be collaborating.
Copying from someone else is a violation of Academic Integrity.
YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR KNOWING AND ADHERING TO ACADEMIC INTEGRITY REQUIREMENTS IN ALL COURSES / PROGRAMS. Most tests ask for your preferences, so do not state circumstances change what you will do, or how you would react, etc…

People are what they do – not what they think they would do.
If the response to a test defines you in a certain way, think very carefully about how you answered the questions because the answers you provide to the questions reveal what you actually [think you] would do, which

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