Perspectives on Gender Roles: Snow White and Mirrors Essay

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Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, our lives are a mirror, reflection is a must...” (Lynda Meyers) Disney did a rather good representation on the Grimm brother’s original fairytale. In both stories Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs conveys a message about the mirror representing a sense of self on a superficial and deep emotional level. It reinstates many cultural roles that have been put upon both woman and men. It is a story of self discovery and whether or not the characters are able to develop throughout the story in relation to the affects to a “real life individual”. A common theme in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs for both the Disney film and the 1812 Grimm’s fairytale story is that beauty is pain. Women subject themselves to…show more content…
Even though women have made considerable progress in our society today, our culture today still floods girls with the demands to conform to very slim principles of beauty. All one has to do is watch television, a movie and even the in the advertisements, to be reminded of how women should look. Based only on the mirror’s words in the story, the Disney’s group has personified the mirror as a sort of flaming masculine character. The queen relies on this masculine ‘authority’ to tell her if she is beautiful or not. It is not providing ample mirroring, but instead, mainly reflecting back to girls what the cultural ideal is. The stories reinstate this idea females already have. Though, another aspect is that one often looks into one’s unconscious when looking into the mirror. Both the original story and the Disney movie tell us how to develop and integrate conflicting aspects of ourselves as our personal unconscious map unfolds. (Flynn, 2005) In the beginning of the story Snow White is both innocent and immature. She lacks a caring mother figure within. There are also ten men in the story and nine are characterized as being weak or derisory. The weak men are comprised of her
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