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Review: Snow White and the Huntsman

Snow White and the Huntsman is an adaptation of the Grimm fairy tale Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. However the focus is not Snow White and her interaction with the seven dwarfs, much like the popular Disney portrayal of the fairytale that viewers have come to know. This version of the fairytale is dark and sinister, placing an emphasis on the evil Queen’s agenda and the Huntsman who is sent to hunt down Snow White. This new action-packed spin on the fairytale includes large battles and fight scenes, while keeping many elements from the original tale like the poison apple and “mirror, mirror on the wall”. The film is directed by Rupert Sanders and features a star-studded cast that includes, Academy
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Staying true to the traditional tale, the evil queen is in search of eternal youth and beauty and becomes enraged when the magic mirror informs her that Snow White can replace her as “fairest of them all”. The evil queen orders the Huntsman to find Snow White who has escaped her imprisonment from the confines of the castle and dark kingdom. Enthralled by Snow Whites charm and beauty, the Huntsman instead takes on the role of her protector and warrior mentor. Much of the movie is the Huntsman and Snow White’s journey to escape the evil queen and find an army to battle the evil queen to reinstate Snow White to her rightful place on the throne. Don’t worry the beloved dwarfs are a part of this version, though a little rough around the edges, much to the dismay of you Disney fans. Deviating from the original tale, the love interest has been changed. Although, the movie does include a Prince Charming, it is the ruggedly handsome Huntsman who is meant to wake Snow White with his kiss.
Though the starring actors have plenty of box-office power, the acting was mediocre at best. The film should have been called the Charlize Theron movie, because let’s face it; the movie was all about her dramatic portrayal of the evil queen. Theron’s performance was so strong that poor Kristen Stewart just didn’t have a chance. The stunningly gorgeous Theron, made it hard to believe
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