Persuading a Child to Choose One Parent over an Other

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When one parent is fighting to get custody of a child, the parent will do whatever it takes to get the child on his or her side. The parent might buy the child gifts, bribe them, tell them false information about the other parent; anything to persuade the child to chose that parent.
Research shows that a human brain may not reach its full development until a person is in their twenties or possibly even thirties. Children are not cable of making responsible decisions, and they don’t know what is best for them. That’s why the parents usually make decisions for their children. If the child is put in a position where he or she has too much power the child may make the wrong decision.
Thus, because a child’s brain is not fully developed, and children can’t make responsible decisions for themselves, a child is not capable of deciding which parent they want to live with during a custody battle.
Issue 3:
The issue is whether children in foster care should be able to stay with their foster parents after they turn eighteen.
Rule statement:
Foster care provides a home for children who have been abandoned, neglected or abused, and who temporarily are not able to live at home. During the time that the child lives in a foster home, the foster parents provide the same care that the children's own parents would have provided.
Foster care agency provides a monthly check to help cover the child's room and board. When the child reaches the age of eighteen he or she
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