Essay on Persuasion Devices in Whose Life is it Anyway

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Persuasion Devices in Whose Life is it Anyway After reading the play I thought that Ken made the right decision. Therefore, in my view I think that the play does use every device to persuade us that Ken is right. Below there are some of the devices that persuade us Ken is right: - The first device is the title of the play, 'Whose life is it anyway'. For example when Ken doesn't want the injection, Dr. Emerson does not care that Ken doesn't want it, but does it because he thinks he knows best when it is actually Ken's life. Dr. Emerson does not want Ken to commit suicide and fights to try and keep Ken alive until the very end of the play. So, this means that Dr. Emerson is controlling Ken's life …show more content…

Emerson to admit that Ken will never walk again. I think this shows you that Ken is not depressed because he says thank you to Dr. Emerson for telling the truth when he could have been suddenly broken down and started crying. Another device is the selection and omission of scenes. For example, when Ken receives some weak coffee- 'What you have there is coffee flavoured milk', the next scene could be of Kay coming in with stronger coffee. This is trying to show you that hospital treats him like a baby. A main device in the play is repetition. There are quite a lot of things repeated: - · Sex is repeated quite a lot - For example, when Ken says about Dr. Scott's breasts, also he says that he has 'a piece of knotted string between his legs'. Ken's endless wit about sex and endless affairs, John wanting to go out with Kay and Mr. Hill with Dr. Scott (slightly). This makes us feel sorry for Ken because he can't have sex. · He thinks he is useless- For example, banging his head against the wall would make no difference or the part where he says he was a skateboard. This is trying to show us that Ken knows that even if he stays alive it will make no difference. The main reason the author uses repetition is to get a point into our head, which will make it stick with you. If something keeps happening, you feel more sorry for Ken because it is not just

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