Persuasion, The, And Free Choice Essay

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Persuasion has been around as long as anyone could remember, from persuasion in the Aristotle era to present-day persuasion, it has been defined in many ways. There are many common themes that are associated with these different definitions. Activity/process, attempt to induce change, change in beliefs, attitudes, or behaviors, transmission, and free choice is a few of the common themes presented throughout time. (Perloff, 1933) The art of persuasion has always been a part of society, through many techniques people have now been able to persuade others. Techniques such as attention-getting, confidence building, desire, urgency stressing, and response seeking are how society gets persuaded. These techniques are used in print/digital advertising, TV commercials, politics, etc.
This is important to know, due to the fact that some persuaders are just using techniques to build sales, con their way into something, or simply getting the people to give into their beliefs. Therefore, people could be believing something that isn’t actually doing what they claim it does. Recently, the use of persuasive tactics has been very blunt in politics, due to the 2016 Election. Both sides (Republican and Democrat) were using techniques in which connected with the public, thus making this election very nerve wrecking. Other industries who are very dominant in persuasion is the fashion industry due to women being more susceptible to advertising in which body and the social image is the key

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