Persuasive Conflict Essay

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Maya Angelou once said, “I’ve learned that you shouldn’t go through life with a catcher’s mitt on both hands; you need to be able to throw something back.” Like Maya Angelou, we must fight back against conflict with a war of words. When we are faced with adversity, we need to respond forcefully with nonviolent approaches and be confident when answering the call. Rather than be physically aggressive towards the opposing group, people need to remain united through their purpose to truly accomplish and solve the problem. The best way for people to respond to conflict is to react peacefully. Many characters try to solve conflicts by using violence. This form of retaliation does not solve the problem, but makes it worse and causes the people …show more content…

While responding to conflicts, we need to remain hopeful that we will be victorious. According to a graph by the Washington Post, nonviolent campaigns had a 50% greater chance of succeeding when compared to violent protests. Likewise, when resolving conflict, there is a greater rate of success when using a peaceful method, rather than violence. When we are faced with an issue, we need to take a peaceful route when trying to solve it, because it is more likely that you would be victorious when being peaceful, instead of violent. Throughout history, it has been proven many times of war and conflict, that when violent actions are taken towards the opposing groups, the loss of life and emotional trauma lasts longer than the small victories. states “conflict is inevitable among people, aggression or violence need not be. While people have learned to respond to conflict with aggression, they can just as well be taught to respond to constructive methods of problem solving and negotiation.” This is relevant because even though we know that we can’t avoid conflict when we do face a problem, we need to be peaceful and fight with words. We need to learn to respond to conflict peacefully.
Throughout history, a repeating theme seems to be that when using heartless and violent methods, we solve our issues. This is not true. Violence causes many losses and grief towards the terrible situations, resulting in our nation being torn apart because

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