Persuasive Essay : A Cry For Help

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A Cry for Help A couple years ago, I was in Florida for a vacation to visit my family. I went for a walk for some fresh air because my family was being overwhelming. As I was walking, I heard someone screaming but I didn’t think much of it For a second, I wanted to go back and get my coat since the night was a bit chilly but I felt like something was pulling me away from home; even though I didn’t want to face my family, I also felt something else as if I had to just keep walking. A couple of feet in front of me, I saw a woman walking and she didn’t look like she was having the best day in her life, and as I was not either. As soon as she saw me walking behind her, she started to walk away fast. The least to say is she shouldn’t have walked away fast. Her screaming sounded like she wasn’t safe. Whenever I go for walks, I usually have my head down to the ground, but this time I didn’t; I had my head up high. I saw a guy crossing the street to where the girl in front and I were walking; his clothes said a lot about him. He was wearing all black clothes including a hoodie and a hat. My thoughts on his clothes were that he was going to do something illegal; I hated myself for thinking that but I also hated myself more for being right. When he was next to the girl, he pulled out his gun on her and stole her handbag. What I wasn’t expecting is for her to be fighting back especially since he had a gun in his hand and could have shot her at any second. I knew what I was

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