Persuasive Essay About A Zoo

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You look out into the crowd through the bars. Heaving, sniffing, and wondering why on earth you are in this mysterious place called a zoo. Animals around the country and around the world are trapped behind bars! How would you like every need being cared for by highly skilled professionals? Animals should be roughing it in the wild, where they belong. As a well-to-do topic of the hippies and high society, I who have been well informed by multiple experts around the world, will attempt to expose this ceaseless problem and propose a solution. Without a doubt, this self-centered world is full of “good samaritans” who in an attempt to manufacture splendid feelings , ignore all facts and statistics along the way. Of course, by these “good samaritans”, I mean the zookeepers and conversationalists who are trying to save these animals by keeping them …show more content…

For instance, everybody loves a new shopping center, beauty salon, or McDonald’s. However as an added benefit, to build these new wonderful buildings will bring an increase in jobs. Happy free animals and a lower unemployment rate, is it even possible for this solution to become any better? As it turns out there are even more advantages to this joyous plan, such as the fact that everyone you hate, who is consequently an idiot, has the possibility of being mauled. Would it not be great to watch as your mortal enemies are taken down by a beast that is impossible to handle without the proper education? Therefore, as a result, the release of animals would kill off the foolish and the weak. For example, elderly people who have to ride around on two mile per hour motorized scooters. These animals who were either previously injured, endangered, or born in captivity would no longer have to worry about survival in the wild. They are now at the top of the food chain while also helping with our population

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