Persuasive Essay About Homework

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Can you agree that lately “homework” is being largely misguided? Can you agree that “homework” is being abused without producing its primary intended results? I highly urge you on behalf of all students operating through this system; change is needed. The current use of homework may be contributing to the decline in the motivation of students; therefore, interfering with their academic potential. Evidently, there has been an abundance of research which shows how homework is detrimental to a teen’s self-confidence, social skills, overall health, and most importantly their attitude towards school. Why am I directing this straight to the teachers? Teachers have full control over what they hand out and what they demand from students. Teachers also have the authority to practice their style of teaching and alter them accordingly. Every teacher should consider the unhealthy and negative outcomes which come with the homework system. In every student's life, a teacher is another character you will meet who is supposed to guide, motivate, and support you through your journey in life. Teachers are rather more like mentors. However, this concept has escaped for a majority of students because of the pressure and the endless amount of stress which is constantly being stacked on top of each other. In 2013, researchers from Stanford surveyed more than 4,300 students from high schools in California. One of the questions the researchers asked the students was; did you experience any

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