Persuasive Essay About Multitasking

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Dear Parents,

In recent years, researchers have been focusing on the issues of students multitasking while studying. Whereas, multitasking is not a recent phenomenon, but it has grown dramatically and been debated by society. Conducting numerous tasks at one time, shifting gears from one to other while studying and doing homework has become frequent behavior among students. Many students are very proud of their multitasking competency. For instance, listening to music, watching TV, and texting while doing schoolwork. As parents you might wonder seeing your children multitasking competency. Yet is multitasking positively a good method? “A 2010 study offers perhaps the most surprising result: those who consider themselves to be great multitasker are in fact the worst multitaskers (Taylor12). Indeed, researchers have proven that when student attempts to multitask their performance actually decreasing and impairing their memory, so their learning become less productive than a single task. “Another study reported that when students are working on their computer and have the television on, the level of distraction is startling” (Taylor12). Again, the multitasking habit has grown become a problematic in a learning environment. Indeed, as parents, you don’t want your children schoolwork and learning to sink, you need to encourage your children to study as much as they can. The development of technology has made students who multitask think that they are utilizing time more

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