Persuasive Essay About Obesity

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It’s mind blowing how more and more studies are coming out showing that the majority of teenagers in this generation are being diagnosed with obesity. It is a very controversial subject to discuss, but is it something that needs to be laid out on the line. Nowadays, it’s easier to grab obesogenic foods because of the fast food restaurants that are ubiquitous than to eat a nutritious meal. If a stop is not being made rapidly than it will continue to get worse. The trend of obesity has been steadily increasing in both children and adults despite a few public health efforts to improve nutrition and physical activity. The obesity epidemic have gone way too far with nothing being done in this time, bringing more problems to the table as time is wasted. It not only affects the older generation but the younger generation now teens are experiencing great health concerns. A diet needs to be enforced in order for health problems to diminished. Therefore, with all that has been said it is clear that people need to take personal responsibility in order for the obesity epidemic in America to be solved. To begin with the root to all this is obesity which is the state of being grossly fat or overweight. Obesity results from consuming more calories than the body uses, which results in stored fat. Obesity not only affects appearance, but disease process as well. This has been linked to a number of health risks, such as heart diseases. Obesity also leads to greater risk of high blood

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