Persuasive Essay On Obesity

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Everyone loves food. Not a specific kind of food, just food in general. There isn’t a special reason why, but we all just do as if we are attracted by a magnet or something. However, we all know that overeating of foods that have lots of fats and calories cause obesity and it can lead to many serious diseases. Many people know the consequences of eating too much. In their mind, they yell at themselves to stop eating, but they just can not. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the prevalence of obesity among adults more than doubled from 13.4 percent in 1960 to 34.3 percent in 2008 (Abdukadirov & Marlow par. 1). Because obesity is such a national problem, governments are trying to solve it. Despite all the methods or solutions governments have used to help our obesity problem, there are always other sides that show governments are not actually helping. Government interventions to prevent customers from consuming too much foods that have lots of fat and calories do not actually help the people and our obesity problem. According to the U.S News, The Great Government Takeover, more than a third of Americans are obese and Type 2 diabetes, which are typically caused by lifestyle factors including poor eating habits and lack of exercise, is being diagnosed with growing frequency. Costs of treatment are escalating, and the government's role in health care is growing, leading to a debate about how involved it should be in preventing chronic health problems by

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