Persuasive Essay About Technology In School

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My generation had the Internet to interact with, yet it was different from what you would experience now. Technology has immensely grown and with it a better way to remain anonymous, while still be helpful. Just like technology, schools have shifted into something slightly different as well. The school system’s desperately trying to manage the alcohol and drug issues by implementing top-down and bottom-up techniques to help achieve safety for all its students, teachers, and parents. Growing up computers had terrible graphics and limited pages on the Internet. Most of my friends and I used the computer and Internet only for gaming or messenger (chat rooms). However, over the years, computers and the Internet have improved drastically. Today the Internet is used as a way for people to connect and stay connected to one another, obtain information, along with many other purposes. Twitter and Facebook have become an essential and influential part of the American life. The school systems even have joined into the social media craze and have Twitter and Facebook accounts. Some schools also have downloadable applications (apps) that are accessed on cell phones. Not only are these accounts used as ways to network and provide important event dates, but also as a way to help keep the ones at school safe. Parents, teachers, and students are all encouraged to utilize these online programs or downloadable apps as a way to ensure the safety of everyone on campus. By using these social

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