Persuasive Essay On Modern Technology

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The utmost, overriding facet of our society has been placed in our hands, perched on a stand, and then plugged into a socket: modern technology. Today, individuals without up to date technology are christened anomalies that are late to the ‘smart era’ of smartphones, smartwatches, and smart televisions. In Is Google Making Us Stupid? by Nicholas Carr, and Be a Gamer, Save the World by Jane McGonigal, it is made comprehensible that, as a society, we have begun to intertwine ourselves in the tangles of our electronics, which we cannot seem to relinquish. Our generation has been advancing with technology nonstop to the point where a new gadget is practically released daily. Recently, the latest technological fixation that has rapidly spread like wildfire is video streaming: whether it be video-on-demand or live, it has concurrently seized and fashioned jobs, as well as intermixed communities and individuals alike. Ever since the emergence of humans, the demand for amusement was prevalent and constantly evolving. From watching gladiators brawl in an arena, to attending operas and plays, to channel surfing, people have continually desired to be entertained. Today, there is another alteration that is changing the way people absorb the content that they want. Streaming, the most productive way to receive internet content, has skyrocketed in our society as the internet has become a “universal medium” (Carr 573). It started with Netflix, and then it was adapted by other platforms. More and more people have gravitated towards their phones and computers as outlets for entertainment and news instead of their televisions, causing traditional media to race to conform to the innovative technology (Carr 576-577) of streaming. For example, there are presidential debates that have been live streamed, and are said to be the most popular stream in internet history. Streaming has become a trend that has yet to lose momentum, and has consistently stayed at the top of the consumer food chain. When it comes to watching television shows and movies, streaming websites, such as: Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, have virtually monopolized the market, and have exceedingly brought down cable and theater sales. The mere thought of cable is
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