Persuasive Essay About Winning The Lottery

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The popularity of the lottery is nothing new for any of us, player or not. We see people buying lottery tickets on a daily basis, attempting to reach an easy dream of richness and a better life. Even though many people know how unlikely is to win a conspicuous amount of money with lottery, a stunning percentage of the population still keeps playing regularly. It requires an insightful analysis of the reason hiding behind this behavior in order to understand better this phenomenon. Media and advertising industries, have a deep knowledge at their disposal to push our “psychological buttons” by creating illusions, by taking advantage of dissatisfaction and our natural predisposition for hopes and dreams. A second aspect to take in consideration is how lottery, as a practice can affect our mental processes, in fact, even if we do not immediately realize that, lottery leads us to poor decision making and feeds fantasizing instead of logic and realism. A third motivation lies in the way we perceive ourselves and compare with others and how this tricks us and affects happiness and decision making.
It is important to underline the way the techniques used by the lottery industry to lead customers to play the game. One of these “tricks” is the so called “near miss” which consists in creating the illusion in the player’s mind that the winning is actually a tangible possibility. To illustrate this, the president of the Tennessee lottery Rebecca

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