Persuasive Essay Against Sharks

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What is one of the top predators in the ocean and is harmless? One would be correct if they answered sharks. Many people believe sharks are vicious animals, but the truth is, they are not. First of all, shark attacks are extremely rare. Second, sharks are smart which helps them know when to kill prey. Last, more than half of the shark attack victims survive. Many people around the world believe sharks are vicious for one main reason, they attack humans. Those people do not know that their theories about sharks are absolutely one hundred-percent incorrect. Sharks are harmless animals, and have been demonized by people throughout history. In conclusion sharks are very amazing animals, and should not be considered vicious. Many people believe sharks are vicious, but those people are horribly wrong. One of the rarest things to happen in the world is to be bitten by a shark. In one article by Sun Sentinel, they state, “According to the Florida Museum of Natural History, there are just 50 to 60 shark…show more content…
One example is when Shannon Guynup states, “Florida leads the world in shark bites, with 22 to 25 reported each year” (What Do You Know About Sharks? paragraph seven). Although sharks can kill and injure humans severely, that should not consider them to be vicious. For example, a woman states, “If circumstances were different, I could have got in the water swam with the shark, and done it” (Feeding Sharks). This example demonstrates how sharks are not vicious by showing that a human could even swim with one. If one could swim with a shark without being hurt or killed, then that means every shark attack to ever occur was an accident. Since the sharks attack people on accident, they should absolutely not be considered vicious, because humans makes mistakes that harm others and they are not considered vicious. To conclude, sharks are non-vicious animals, and are just like humans, they make
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