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Sharks, the scariest, biggest, baddest creatures! That's what we make them out to be, but are they really? The answer is no, we say that. We kill more of them than they kill of us, about 900,094 more. Sharks, being carnivores, are NOT natural predators of humans. Sharks do not have skeletons, but just cartilage. Also their jaws can move independently without any of their other body parts. It allows them to have a stronger hold on their prey. Sharks have oil in their liver that allow them to eat less often. So when they eat us up, they must be really hungry. Their fins help them feel vibrations of other creatures so that they can get into position to pounce on their prey. Every single shark is a carnivore, meaning they eat meat not herbs or…show more content…
This is true because you may think that sharks are everywhere in the ocean. This is not true. They are sometimes found in an unusual place, but this is because with us taking over their habitats, and polluting them where else can they go? We have all of the lands, but we also take over the ocean, home to many sea creatures. That just makes us selfish. We can’t get mad at sharks when they would be perfectly fine if we just left them and their home alone. People still swim in the ocean so it is good to know tips for swimming safely. The most important tip is to always swim with a buddy, never swim alone. Also things that may attract sharks are blood, swimming in a zig-zag pattern, hunched backs, shiny jewelry, bright colors or diving down deep. Also don’t consume alcohol while swimming or you could drown, same with swallowing water. If sharks happen to swim close to you don’t make any sudden movements, and try to get with a crowd. Each year more people are killed by getting electrocuted by a christmas tree than a shark attack. Meaning they aren’t very common. You don’t have to not swim in the ocean, just be sure to follow tips, and don’t go too deep. Also try to recycle more as it will reduce water pollution, causing sharks to stay in their lane. There are so many things that cause shark attacks, so many things that us humans do, not sharks. Sharks being carnivores are not natural predators of

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