Speech Outline on Shark Finning Essay

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I. Attention getter: Every year, on average, 10 people are killed by sharks, yet every second 3 sharks are killed by humans.
II. Thesis: Sharks are a vital part of our ecosystem, and killing them disrupts the delicate balance of the ocean.
III. Credibility statement: For most of my life I have been a shark enthusiast so shark finning is an issue I stay very informed on through various academic sources.
IV. Purpose statement: I am going to explain to you today why we need to keep sharks in the ocean and out of the soup.
V. Preview statement: Not only is the killing of sharks extremely inhumane, it does more harm than good to our environment.
(Transition: First, let’s take a look at the barbaric way in which these …show more content…

a. Shark finning causes a rapid decline in the population of certain species of sharks.
i. According to, a website devoted entirely to the prevention of shark finning, the population of several different species of sharks have decimated over 95% since the 1970s.
b. Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s article “The Brutal Business of Shark Finning” reminds us that sharks play a key role in the ocean as both predators and scavengers.
i. By eliminating diseased and genetically-defective animals, sharks help make our oceans healthier.
1. Healthier oceans mean healthier fish from the ocean for our consumption, which means healthier humans. ii. Sharks’ large diet also helps to stabilize fish populations.
c. Peter Knights of WildAid International, in an article for CNN, compares the ocean with no sharks to a Yellowstone with no grizzlies, implausible and simply no fun.
I. Summarize: As you can see, shark finning is not a simple act of fishing that should continue to go unregulated.
II. Restating: I hope that this has made you realize the importance of being aware of what is happening not only on land where we live but also the ocean which is a major source of life for the planet.
III. Closing statement: Despite sharks’ bad reputation, they do not deserve to be massacred at such extreme rates for something like a fin that makes up only 4% of their body weight.


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