Persuasive Essay : Changing The World It Is Not Easy

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Changing the world it is not easy. Some people think that one person cannot change the world, but Steve Jobs had shown the world that one person’s idea could make the world positively evolve. Even though it looks very hard, but it was not that hard for this man to change the world. I firmly agree that one person can change the world. That one individual may not ready to do a ton physically to change the world, yet one individual has the ability to rouse others to enable that individual to change the world. Jobs wanted to reform the world and created new technologies such as the iPod and iTunes for music, iMac and Apple laptop to make-work easier, and the iPhone and iPad for changing entertainment. He created these things to help people’s…show more content…
Never again would you need to choose before you leave the house or on a trek what music you should need to tune in to and make sure to bring those tapes. With the capacity to now download music from the cloud, you could never at any point need to stress over what you have adjusted to your iPod, you would have the capacity to download the music you need when you need to hear it out. The significance of the iPod is in this way the gadget as well as the whole biological community that on relies upon it. From iTunes on your PC to iCloud, the iPod is one connection in a fasten that conveys what your ears wanted to hear. The iPods have changed the view of the music business. Computerized innovation has taken music forward yet in addition has made an issue with requirement of copyright and age of incomes. There are issues with music swapping, free downloads, robbery, and CDs being obtained from collections and copied or duplicated for use on iPod and PCs. iPod can be utilized for more than music. An iPod can contain introduction material for first year recruits entering school; understudies can utilize it to download scholastic course material, notes, and in addition book recordings. Additionally, it isn't simply customers who advantage. Specialists can disperse their music worldwide through iTunes. Any craftsman who has not marked an agreement with a noteworthy or autonomous
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