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The sound of footsteps in heels came from behind, somehow sounds shrill to me. "Is your hair too long? You have to cut it this week. You are a student, don’t spend some unnecessary time on these things. Improving your grades is the most important thing you should do right now. " My principal, said to me, and then walk out with her high heels again.
"long hair and short wit" she said. I feel that I am skating on thin ice with a bone stuck in my throat. Chinese schools do attach a great importance to “unity”. We must wear school uniforms everyday with a tied up ponytail so that we can wholeheartedly put ourselves into the learning environment without any distractions.But what I didn’t know is that, even the length of our ponytail have to
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I can create the world I want, where I’m not afraid of being blamed and bound.
At the age of 15, my mother said there was a opportunity to study in the United States for a year. I refused without thinking since I have absolutely no confidence with my English. A student who is did have a perfect score for English test in China go to United States seems to be a joke for me. At that time, I don’t really understand the purpose of learning language is to communicate, not only for testing.
However, not everyone can have this opportunity.
I have to try.
So, as you can see, I came.
Life in America is very different. At first year I was very afraid that there will be a huge gap since I don’t really have confidence with my English. I was afraid that I don’t have enough ability to the project my teacher gives to me. However, after the real attempt, although the process is still very hard and I usually have to stay up late everyday to add my paper, I feel very happy everything I created. During my life, it was my first time actually be compromised as a “great student.” from my teacher. It was the first time that someone told me that questions will not be defined as bad or good. It was also the first time I teacher other people how to do math problem.
Although I lost my hair in 14, but perhaps, I find a new courage to move forward again.
However, not everyone can have this opportunity.
This year, one of my former high school
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