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I am terribly sorry to inform you that I cannot turn in my essay. This is because in math class yesterday I was trying to solve an equation while minding my own business, when Mrs.Gibson decided to call on me to answer a question. Now, normally I would've been fine and I would have answered the question with ease, but that particular question was excessively difficult and I didn't know the answer. So, in a split second I had to decide between 3 options.
Try to answer the question and look stupid and get laughed at.
Look off my neighbors paper and use their answer.
Stand up to the answer the question and then dramatically fall down and bust my head open so I don't have to answer it. Well I chose option number 2. So I looked at Keatons paper but of course he had no idea what he was doing so then I chose option 3. So I stood up, got prepared to fall, and then before I knew it water was pouring into the classroom. Naturally everyone was shocked, so all of my classmates climbed up on their desks to escape the waters grasp and I managed to sneak out of the classroom and into the hallway where the icy cold water bit at my ankles. However, apparently not all classes were as well-behaved as mine, so all around me kids were screaming and yelling in panic while trying to escape the building, so leaving the school was no hard task. (If youŕe wondering why you didńt hear any of the commotion, it's because the hallways up the stairs were not flooded and Coach May had made a temporary

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