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Over 7,500 animals are killed in zoos because they are deemed surplus, as stated by Liz Tyson an animals rights activist. This giraffe in particular sparked a huge controversy. HIs name was Marius, he was homed at the Copenhagen Zoo and was 2 years old when the staff killed him with a bolt gun. Marius was then dissected and fed to lions in front of ongoing zoo goers. What got people fuming is that he was a healthy, young giraffe. Therefore I believe the killing of Marius should not be justified. The zoo raised Marcius for 2 years and then decided to kill him because his genetic makeup was not what they had hoped for. First of all it has come out that his birth could have been avoided. In the article “Why Arguments for Killing Giraffe, Marius Don’t Stand Up to Scrutiny 1”, Tyson explains “ It was further confirmed that a contraceptive for giraffes has been developed in the last few years which allows females to be safely injected at a distance thus suggesting that Marius' birth was not inevitable.” This goes to prove that they could have avoided this whole altercation and taken care of this in a much less public and controversial way. Another alternative besides the terminating of his birth could have been to deliver the baby and re home him to another zoo or wildlife park. I am aware of the organization that the Copenhagen zoo belongs to and that they can not give their giraffes to certain zoos that do not belong to EAZA. This is where I

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