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High school are the memorable years before adulthood, they are the years to experiment, stress over nothing, and just in general find yourself. But with each year that passes by you learn new lessons, new morals which helps you get one step closer to finding you. As cliche as that might sound it is our reality.
Freshman year we came to Eastside thinking either we were the best in our class and high school was going to be a piece of cake, or there was no way we were going to keep up with the rigorous academics it puts on us. Either way we were able to find a group of people we would hang out with the first couple of months. Or years. We start labeling people as the “smart” one or that one person we shouldn’t take seriously. It’s highschool we get it’s the time to recreate your image, at a place where only few actually know you.
The thing we often forget though is those people are most likely not the people you are going to end up with, make sure to not feel tied down to those 5 people, get to meet everyone and whatever you do, don’t start drama. We have bigger things to worry about. And those labels you put on people are just that labels, they aren’t who those people actually are. The “smart” person is put in a position where they feel pressured to succeed at all times, and those who struggle a bit to understand concepts feel useless. So go ahead and instead of labeling support unconditionally. But the most important part about Freshman year, is being yourself. Don’t hold a

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