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Students, parents, teachers, administrators and other interested parties all seem to have strong and different feelings towards homework. Students complain that they have too much homework to complete outside of the hours they already attended classes. Students feel that they have personal lives to live and blow off homework while some parents and teachers believe that homework is the key to passing classes and preparation for college. This leads to teachers feeling pressured to push their students to succeed and this can easily get carried away. Parents and school systems still often discuss the topic of homework today. Should homework in school systems be stopped? The general arguments given by teachers and some parents are that homework increases the overall grade averages, sharpens study habits, and helps students become more prepared for college work. Along with that, it helps students learn responsibility for life in the work field of the real work. Although these arguments are valid, there are arguments against homework as well. Homework causes students to be stressed out when there is too much to be done by a certain deadline and takes away the free time of students. Some of the work that students are assigned isn't relevant to what they are studying. Worst of all, it causes that struggling student to lose interest in the study of that subject ("Students and Homework"). While it does have negative outcomes, homework also has it's perks. Homework has helped prepare

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