Persuasive Essay : Keeping Kids Under Wraps

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Keeping Kids Under Wraps Children are known to cause trouble weather that is breaking things or tatling on others. When you are dealing with kids all the time you learn things about them such as their personality, hobbies and intests. You will learn fast on who will be the quiet and shy ones and who needs attention all the time and cause problems. This all comes with age. Working with a group of almost fifty to sixty kids between fourth and seventh grade can be difficult, but when you really get to know them you will quickly learn what they love to do and how to keep them out of trouble in the summer time. If it is your first day working with kids, there is no need to stress out, the first thing that you need to do is stay off electronics. If you are on your phone or any devise that will show that you are not interested and kids will pick up on that quickly. If you are on your device that just shows you are not willing to work with the kids, and you will not learn who your kids are or even what they like to do. You need face to face communication in order to know them and learn what they like to do. Making sure they know they are in a safe environment where they will be heard is extremely important because some children do not get attention at home and just feel neglected, they do not need that everywhere they go. You need to make sure they are entertained with things they may be interested in. A perfect example of this is what was a huge hit with everyone in the summer
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