Stop Child Abuse Persuasive Essay

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You drop your child off at the babysitter’s house, and a couple hours later you pick them up and notice that they have bruises all over their legs, arms, etc. Your child says they fell but the bruises didn’t look like they had fell. You take matters into your own hands and confront the babysitter. They deny touching the child. So you drop them off again, pick them up and your child is complaining that the babysitter touched them in inappropriate ways. You confront them for the second time and they deny then you say “i’m having you arrested because you molested my child.” They take her to jail and press charges. After that you never see her again. This story defines child abuse and sexual abuse. The adult raped her and abused her. Her mom acted towards her child and spoke up. This is sexual abuse. Rape. This needs to put a stop to it. Child abuse is a heartbreaking reality for many children living in poverty, and it comes in many forms physical, sexual, …show more content…

Five lives are taken every single day because of child abuse. Speak up! Ways to prevent child abuse are telling someone. Telling someone can save a life, or lives. Stopping the abuse if you see it in person, or in action. Even if the adult attacks you, you are still saving the child’s life and your own. Preventing abuse isn't easy but you could still try. You could speak out/up for it. Reporting it. You can be known as the person who saved a child. Reasons why I am against child abuse. One reason is because you are abusing a child that does not need to be abused. If you have anger then take it out on a tree not a child. My second reason is that when the parent gets reported for child abuse, they get sent to prison and the child is left with no mother or father. My last reason is that children should not put up with it.. Children die from it, if they die…. Another life is

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