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I believe that you said it perfectly in regards to AARP. “They also have the perfect target: older people.” My parents have certainly been targets from the amount of information they receive from AARP. From my understanding, any technologically savvy “senior” would be able to find the same benefits offered by AARP without the fee to join. Also, web surfing would most likely turn up cheaper prices on things like insurance. AARP has consistently managed to package itself as a critically needed, beneficial organization "just trying to help the old folks get by," thereby targeting the elderly. In actuality, it is a huge insurance conglomerate out to make a profit. “Obamacare, which AARP lobbied heavily for, could yield the group windfall profits of more than $1 billion over the next decade by forcing seniors off Medicare Advantage plans and into Medigap supplemental coverage. …show more content…

Dale Ban Atta, wrote the book “Trust Betrayed, Inside the AARP” in an attempt to expose the truth about AARP. Bill O’Reilly questioned Terry Scanlon, of the Capital Research Center. O'REILLY: “Mr. Scanlon, do you believe that the 35 million members know the ideology of the AARP?” SCANLON: “No, they really don't. Most people join AARP for their hotel and motel discounts. Most people have no idea about their political agenda being as liberal as it is.” As I have always believed, one must use discernment before believing or joining any special interest group. It pays to do research ahead of time instead of accepting something at face

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