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Previously, I thought that adoption was easy, but this course has taught me that it is not as simple as it seems, and there are many different issues that need to be considered. Adoption is an amazing gift to couples who are unable to have children. There are many problems that couples face when they cannot conceive. It is heart-wrenching for couples who need to endure years of trying, years of hoping, only to see their efforts failure or end in miscarriages. Thankfully, God has made it possible for childless couples to become parents. Though you and I may take fertility for granted, it is important that we stop and think about this for a moment. Adoption hasn’t always been accessible or possible. Adoption agencies haven’t always existed in every region, just waiting for couples to knock on their door. For many centuries in human history, couples had to come to terms with the fact that if they were unable to conceive, they would have to live with the consequence, period. Many children desperately needed to be adopted, and were stuck in oppressive situations. They faced long, difficult, and even tragic lives. Many would bounce from home to home in the foster system and many would stay in government care. As these families are formed, not only is it important to learn new heritage, but also it is equally important for adoptive children to be informed of their biological heritage as well. Adoptive parents have an obligation to disclose all pertinent information to their adoptive children, to include the identity of their birth parents.
Adoption also represents a kind of assistance provided to the biological parents of a child. In some cases, adoption provides a number of benefits to the birth mother. For example, if the birth mother of a child is a teenager who would otherwise struggle hard to provide necessary conditions for her child while going to school or working, adoption is the best way out of the situation. In some other cases, parents may be physically or psychologically incapable of raising a child on their own. When such parents are deprived of parental rights for the purpose of adoption, they seek help required to provide good life conditions for their child. Adoptive parents in this case would

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