Persuasive Essay On Adult Immigration

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People from all over the world immigrate. There is a plethora of reasons immigrants leave for other countries; ranging from war, opportunities, or the pursuit of new surroundings. All countries have their processes for immigrants to become legal citizens of their state; however, this process is not always followed due to circumstances determined by the individual. These citizens, many unregistered, leave their homes for other countries but do not go through the process of becoming legal citizens. A majority of these people come in search of refuge and citizenship, but didn’t finish the proceedings to become citizens. If there were programs to help them, then the immigrants would be better off. A program that would allow for the adults to work or gain an education, allow the children to be taught about their new world while keeping community of their own, all while allowing the world they are now a part of to benefit as well. A program similar to the federal teacher loan forgiveness program, but focusing on helping unregistered citizens. C.A.I.T.T., children and adults immigration translations teachings, is a program with the focus on allowing the adult immigrants to work towards becoming citizens, while providing education and community for the children. C.A.I.T.T. will provide a critical service allowing for the adults to focus on work and passing the citizenship test, done by creating a place for the immigrant children, and providing work for newly graduates by use of the

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