Persuasive Essay On Immigration Reform

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Immigration reform has been a big debate since 1790. The Naturalization Act of 1790 was the first act to established rules for naturalized citizenship. The citizenship was only granted to those who has live in America for at least two years and is a free white person of good character. Although some rules were set, the policy of immigration reform are full of comprehensiveness (Soergel). Some believe that immigration is a dreadful thing because they take up jobs and bring in terrorists; Other consider it a marvelous event because it builds up the nation and it let the world sees America as the land of the free. On July 4, 1776 America declare freedom from Great Britain. Just like American, countless of immigrant came seeking for freedom. …show more content…

While this statement is proven to be true, many job that taking by immigrant are the job no American wants. For example, my dad came to America in 1997 and without education one of the few jobs he could get is being a janitor for a middle school along with his coworker who are Mexican. Just like anybody, American company want those who has higher education to work for them so they who are uneducated have to do work that pay low wages. Immigrate have to save up money, pack their life, and travel across the world just so they could a chance to have a better life for their family. During Obama presidency, he states that we should reward people with citizenship because they have work hard for this country and show love to the land they have spent year living on. He considers rewarding them instead of delaying them of their legal status and making they pay fines. During his term, he has help making the immigration enforcement stronger. Elizabeth Cohen a writer from the Washington post also claim that “People become citizens when they invest years building their lives in this country. Denying them naturalization or selling legal status only to people who can afford high fees and legal expenses doesn’t make our border-control and immigration laws stronger. It makes them unfair” (Cohen). Some family like mine came to America so their kids can have a better education. Frosty Wooldridge reveal that countless illegal Mexican along with Latino come to

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