Persuasive Essay On Animal Poaching

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Think of the last time you saw a tiger rug or an ivory figurine, even on television. This is a cause of illegal behavior that is called poaching. The United States is among the largest consumers of ivory, according to Jani Actman. Even though ivory is at an almost total ban in the United States people are still purchasing these accessories. In the advertisement the creator used transfer method to make the person seeing this advertisement more aware of what is happening, most people don't understand how big of a problem poaching and the black market for illegal animal accessories actually is. Poaching has been a problem for a very long time. Elephants, rhinos, and tigers are among the animals that are being impacted the most by poaching. …show more content…

The cost of ivory is currently at $1,500 per pound so when a tusk can weigh up to 100 pounds this is a very profitable business for the poachers especially if they don't get caught. Although a lot of these things are being sought out they are being used for different reasons. Rhino horns in Vietnam are thought to be a aphrodisiac and even thought to cure cancer, even though this is proven to be wrong. But the biggest use of these things are decoration. A elephant trunk is used to make ivory figurines which it is hard to believe that they are killing endangered animals just for the purpose of making a figurine. By looking at this advertisement you can obviously tell that the creator is against poaching. He or she made it so it will alert more people about the problem with poaching. She made it so more people are aware and might even take an action against it. Another reason why the creator made the advertisement, is because it shows you what happens to the animals just to make a rug or coat. It makes it look like the people buying the accessories are just as bad as the Slate 3 people killing the animals since they are fueling the fire that makes the poaching business so profitable. The creator of this advertisement has created a very good and graphic advertisement explaining these past facts and points. He made it like this so it would catch more peoples attention like it did mine. With the heads cut off and all

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