Persuasive Essay On Animal Slaughter

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While you’re reading this, thousands of animals are being slaughtered throughout the world and around sixty billion animals are killed every year throughout the world by humans. This is no surprise to most people around the world when animal slaughter is considered “normal” these days. Many people are not aware of the long term impacts animal slaughter and animal consumption causes to the environment and human health. If most people were educated and aware of the major consequences animal consumption and slaughter causes, people wouldn’t contribute to the cruelty and consumption of it. Animals are killed for food consumption all over the world without humans realizing the impact they are causing.I personally believe that animal slaughter should not be acceptable anymore. In this essay, I will be explaining why Veganism is the best lifestyle you can take and how a Veganism lifestyle is healthy for the environment, human health, and important for the animals. The practicing of animal slaughter is common and used throughout the whole world. Animals are killed for food consumption, fur, and leather. Animals are also used for testing. They’re tested with products such as cosmetic products, shampoos, lotions, etc. Many people are not aware of what they buy at the store. Their products could’ve been tested on animals. The meat and dairy industry exploit, torture, and slaughter animals. The dairy and meat industry is not a fairy tale, it is the definition of horror. In the dairy

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