Persuasive Essay On Animal Testing

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Animal testing isn’t something that’s new and unheard of, it has been around for centuries. Using animals for research testing is not only being done in the U.S but also all over the world. What many people don’t understand is that these tests don’t just involve cute, little mice and a maze with a block of cheese at the finish line, it is long days of just sitting in a small cage with little food waiting to be chosen for the next terrifying and painful experiment. It is a harmful and cruel way of testing medicines, surgeries, and other products, to see if it may or may not be safe to use on humans. Unnecessary animal testing is killing thousands of animals every year, it is time to use alternatives for testing purposes instead.
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Animal testing is extremely expensive. When testing an animal, they must provide them with housing, food, and other essentials that they need to stay healthy before the testing begins. The cost of the staff members themselves are quite expensive not only that but a test can take up to five years to complete (such as cancer tests). By the time all that adds up companies have invested up to four million dollars in just one test, that will most likely not work. In the European Union (which is only a small percentage of the world's market) they test over six million animals every year. Out of all these tests, they may only come up with as little as twelve products, which twelve products defiantly isn’t worth the millions of animals that suffer, or the ridiculous amount of money spent.
Humans are always being compared to animals such as apes for various of reasons whether it’s the composable thumbs, the way they look, or even the intelligence they can obtain. Although we do share a large percentage of DNA with animals like monkeys, mice, dogs, and even chickens, as a professor at Johns Hopkins University is fond of saying “We are not 70kg rats’” (Anderson). There are some diseases that humans can get but animals do not, such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, HIV, and many types of cancer. We as humans differ widely from animals on a cellular level as well

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