Persuasive Essay On Changing Your Life

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There are many options when deciding on changing your life, and exercise is often thought of as a positive way of doing so. I am not looking to lose weight from this; I am simply wishing to build fitness, physically. Having some degree of neurosis, exercise would likely benefit me greatly. I have been busy for years, but with the change in atmosphere and added stress of more classes than most sane people would take. Also, I am involved in a community band and chorus which takes hours of my time every week. However, over this winter season, I will only have one class and no work to worry about, and will have time to improve my bodily and mental well-being, creating a habit of exercise that will hopefully stick. Two options for this moderate exercise I could partake in are walking and yoga, both of which I have done in the past. Each of these options have a moderate time necessity, materials, and some amount of stigma to them. For walking, I would like to do half an hour to an hour at least five days a week; and for yoga, I would try for twenty to forty minutes six days a week. Both alternatives have relatively high time commitments, especially when I am having a busy week. In order to take long walks, sneakers and comfortable clothing would be necessary materials. Comfortable clothes would also be crucial for yoga, but instead of shoes, I would need my mat, and possibly blocks and strap. However, the two are also known stress reducers. Other benefits of both include their
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