Persuasive Essay On Child Labor

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A substantial amount of some of the most popular brands Americans use daily, some including Nike, Apple, Walmart, and Gap, but the list does not stop there. Most American’s do not know the companies they use on a daily basis have some form of child labor in the system, and many customers claim to think child labor is terrible and we shall get rid of it all. Companies need to stop hiring children workers and start to hire more adults. Children all over the world should be spending their days in school learning and their nights at home reviewing what they learned. With this children get the chance to be more successful and use their smarts in a way to get them high paying jobs so they do not have to end up in the harsh conditions of most factories. Adults may need and want higher pay wages, but companies could easily increase their wages slightly even if that includes raising their prices a tad. The main reason adults need to be paid higher is because they have a family they need to support. Child labor needs to be ended, this is going to take a long time including regulations from the government and consequences for companies that do not follow. To start, “about 246 million children between the ages of 5 and 17 are engaged in ‘child labor’” (Sok 1). With this information that means there are 246 million children today who are working long hard hours instead of attending school and getting an education. Child labor is defined as any child under the age of 17 who are

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