Persuasive Essay On Childhood Obesity

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Fast food, soda, and endless hours of sitting in front of a television screen, are reasons not to blame for childhood obesity. The amount of children suffering with obesity issues increases at a great rate. One of the most influential factors on children are their parents who surround them continuously. If anyone were to ask any parents or guardians what they value most in their life, the answer would most likely be their children. It is very depressing to see overweight children in our society. Parents do care a lot about their children, however they still reward them with ice cream, allow them to eat french fries, or even watch television or play video games for a long period of time. It is very evident that childhood obesity is on the rise. It is very important to address this growing issue early, and begin educating the parents. Children’s bad eating habits begin in the home and is often caused by the parents unhealthy eating choices. Parents are the leading cause of obesity due to their poor food choices and lack of physical activity they allow them to acquire. It is the parent’s responsibility to supply their children with the right eating habits. Parent’s don’t often mean to have bad intentions when raising their children, but when they don’t educate their children on proper eating habits, it causes many mental and physical challenges for their children. Our society provides a wide variety of healthy food choices, but it the parents responsibility to select and

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